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In March 2009, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Department Order No. 09-16, Institutionalizing an E-Commerce Unit within the Department to fulfill the need for a special section within the agency that will focus and work full-time on e-commerce. This is in accordance with Section 29 of Republic Act (RA) No. 8792 or the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000, to wit:

Section 29: Authority of the Department of Trade and Industry and Participating Entities. – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shallSection 29: Authority of the Department of Trade and Industry and Participating Entities. – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) shall direct supervise the promotion and development of electronic commerce in the country with relevant government agencies, without prejudice to the provisions of Republic Act 7653 (Charter of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) and Republic Act No. 337, (General Banking Act) as amended. direct supervise the promotion and development of electronic commerce in the country with relevant government agencies, without prejudice to the provisions of Republic Act 7653 (Charter of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) and Republic Act No. 337, (General Banking Act) as amended.

Among others, the DTI is empowered to promulgate rules and regulations, as well as provide quality standards or issue certifications, as the case may be, and perform such other functions as may be necessary for the implementation of this Act in the area of electronic commerce to include, but shall not limited to, the installation of an online public information and quality and price monitoring system for goods and services aimed in protecting the interests of the consuming public availing of the advantages of this Act.

Specifically, the DTI-E-Commerce Office (ECO) intends:

  • To formulate national policy on promoting e-commerce activities in the Philippines;
  • To implement plans and programs to develop e-commerce strategies in the country, in coordination with other national government agencies, private sector/business community, and stakeholders;
  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation of e-commerce policies, plans, and programs; and                                                   
  • To actively participate in local and international organizations related to e-commerce activities.

On January 20, 2020, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) approved the creation of an Ecommerce Division,  that will focus on the implementation of ecommerce policies, programs and projects, monitoring and implementation of the Philippine Ecommerce Roadmap, and ensuring that the impediments concerning ecommerce are agreed.

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Who We Are


ECommerce touches many areas within the Department of Trade and Industry.  From consumer protection, cross border ecommerce, intellectual property, export promotion, MSME development.  Yes We are a Team.  We Are Ecommerce.

ECommerce Program Office

Mary Jean T. Pacheco

Assistant Secretary, Digital Philippines and ECommerce Lead

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result Of a hundred battles……To fight and conquer in all your battles is not Supreme excellence, Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Assistant Secretary Pacheco, 21 years in the DTI, was designated ECommerce Lead in February 2019.  She is responsible for the overall direction of the ECommerce Division tasked to promote the growth and development of ECommerce in the country.


Wea C. Bohol

Supervising Trade Industry Development Specialist

Our work is a reflection of who we are as a person.

Wea Bohol is the Supervising Trade and Industry Development Specialist of the ECommerce Division. She is the Team Leader and executes all the priority programs of the ECommerce Division.


ECommerce Program Team



Joy C. Lumanglas

Joy C. Lumanglas

Jude V. Leopando

Jude V. Leopando



Cristy Lou B. Olboc

Cristy Lou B. Olboc





Joey Angela Marie T. Franco

Joey Angela Marie T. Franco



Bureau of International Trade Relations

Engages and represents the country in bilateral and multilateral trade and investment negotiations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), among others.

NameEmail Address
Director Angelo Salvador M. BenedictosAngeloSalvadorBenedictos@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Hananiela DomingoHananielaDomingo@dti.gov.ph
Mr. Michael Allen FernandezMichaelAllenFernandez@dti.gov.ph

Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS)

Serves as the National Standards Body (NSB) of the Philippines and is mandated to develop, promulgate, and implement standards for all products in the Philippines.

NameEmail Address
Director Niel P. CatajayNeilCatajay@dti.gov.ph
Assistant Director Ferdinand L. ManfosteFerdinandManfoste@dti.gov.ph
Mr. Mario U. GaudianoMarioGaudiano@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Ma. Teresita G. Del RosarioMaTeresitaDelRosario@dti.gov.ph

Bureau of Small, Medium Enterprise Development

Initiates and implements programs and projects addressing the specific needs of MSMEs in the areas of technology development and transfer, financing, marketing, and training. The BSMED is mandated to promote and develop MSMEs in the country, and is also tasked to review and formulate policies and strategies geared towards the advancement of MSMEs in the areas of entrepreneurship development, institutional strengthening, and productivity improvement.

NameEmail Address
Director Jerry T. ClavesillasJerryClavesillas@dti.gov.ph
Assistant Director Alicia M. OpeñaAliciaOpena@dti.gov.ph
Mr. Gisli Venz GonzalesGisliVenzGonzales@dti.gov.ph

Bureau of Trade and Industrial Policy Research (BTIPR)

Provides coherent, consistent, and clear trade and industry policies in support of the national economic development agenda.

NameEmail Address
Assistant Director and OIC Abigail
R. Zurita
Maria Crispina S.

Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions

Assists exporters by developing their core competencies in the areas of marketing, promotion, and capability building through professionally managed and well-selected programs and activities, such as organizing international trade fairs.

NameEmail Address
Executive Director Pauline
Deputy Executive Director
Ma. Lourdes D. Mediran
Ms. Jewel Udarbejudarbe@citem.com.ph
Ms. Jhasy Osiasjosias@citem.com.ph

Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau

Functions as a policy-making body and oversees the advocacy of trade and consumer protection laws.

Assistant Secretary and OIC Ann Claire C. CabochanAnnClaireCabochan@dti.gov.ph
Director Melquiades Marcus N. Valdez IImarcusvaldezii@dti.gov.ph
Assistant Director Cheryll G. Carbonellcherrylcarbonell@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Joyce Ria EstaresJoyceRiaEstares@dti.gov.ph

Export Management Bureau

Oversees the development, promotion, and monitoring of PH exports. Provides exporters the enabling environment to make them globally competitive.

NameEmail Address
Assistant Secretary and OIC Rosvi C. GaetosRosviGaetos@dti.gov.ph
Assistant Director Agnes Perpetua R. LegaspiAgnesLegaspi@dti.gov.ph
Assistant Director Anthony RiveraAnthonyRivera@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Maria Teresa LoringMariaTeresaLoring@dti.gov.ph

Fair Trade and Enforcement Bureau

Oversees the overall implementation of trade and consumer protection laws. FTEB handles import regulation, sales promotion, product standards monitoring, business licensing, enforcement, mediation, and adjudication as regards the Consumer Act, Price Act, and Business Name Laws.

NameEmail Address
Director Ronnel O. AbrenicaRonnelAbrenica@dti.gov.ph
Assistant Director Marimel D. PorciunculaMarimelPorciuncula@dti.gov.ph
Atty. Ronald VirayRonaldViray@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Emma PanopioEmmaPanopio@dti.gov.ph

Information Systems Management Service

Designs and implements all information technology (IT) initiatives of the DTI.

NameEmail Address
Director Laudemer G. SolidumLaudemerSolidum@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Elnora FernandezElnoraFernandez@dti.gov.ph

Intellectual Property Office

Oversees and enforces the overall implementation of IP rights, trademarks, and patents.

NameEmail Address
Director General Rowel S. BarbaRowel.Barba@ipophil.gov.ph
Deputy Director General Teodoro C. PascuaTeodoro.Pascua@ipophil.gov.ph
Deputy Director General Nelson P. LalucesNelson.Laluces@ipophil.gov.ph
Atty. Maria Katrina Riveramkatrina.rivera@ipophil.gov.ph
Atty. Marlita Dagsamarlita.dagsa@ipophil.gov.ph

Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs

Provide technical and administrative support in the formulation and consideration by Congress of the Department’s Legislative Agenda and to ensure a harmonious relationship between the Executive (specifically DTI and it’s attached agencies) and Legislature.

NameEmail Address
Department Legislative Liaison Office/Assistant Secretary Mary Jean T. PachecoMaryJeanPacheco@dti.gov.ph
Atty. Marco C. MaatMarcoMaat@dti.gov.ph
Mr. Francis SuneFrancisSune@dti.gov.ph

Planning Management Service

Coordinates and monitors implementation of DTI operating plans and programs, and assesses performance versus targets set and cost effectiveness.

NameEmail Address
Director Robert Alvin T. ArceoRobertArceo@dti.gov.ph
Mr. Gaines AntonioAlfreidGainesAntonio@dti.gov.ph

Philippine Trade Training Center

Designs and implements training programs on export marketing and management, entrepreneurial management, quality management and productivity, and trade exhibition management and participation. PTTC conducts post-training advisory and counseling services, offers customized in-company training programs and services, and provides events management support. It is also an events venue for MSMEs and large enterprises to promote their products as it markets, rents out, and maintains exhibition and training room facilities.

NameEmail Address
Executive Director Nelly Nita N. Dilleranellynitadillera@pttc.gov.ph
Ms. Ma. Fe Avilafeavila@pttc.gov.ph
Ms. Caridad Victorinocaridadpvictorino@pttc.gov.ph

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Division

The Supply Chain and Management Division formulates policies and measures relative to supply chain, trade facilitation and logistics in promoting the interest of exporters, importers and traders in the shipment of commodities by helping secure competitive rates and equitable terms and conditions by carriers/transport operators and other service providers, establishment of a system of accreditation of sea freight forwarders, logistics providers and multi-modal transport network.

NameEmail Address
Assistant Secretary Mary Jean T. PachecoMaryJeanPacheco@dti.gov.ph
Mr. Jonathan G. CabalteraJonathanCabaltera@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Berlin MabunaBerlinMabuna@dti.gov.ph
Ms. Monique AmanteMoniqueAmante@dti.gov.ph


Consumer Protection Group (CPG), headed by Undersecretary Ruth B. Castelo, is in charge of the enforcement of laws to protect consumers, consumer education, and formation of consumer groups. https://www.dti.gov.ph/about/the-organization/consumer-protection/

Regional Operations Group (ROG), headed by Undersecretary Blesila A. Lantayona, is responsible for the field operations of the DTI in the regions and provinces. It also initiates programs to ensure efficient delivery of business development services, including the formulation and implementation of policies, plans, and projects that can benefit micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

What We Do

  • We provide information.
  • We link your business with the ECommerce network.
  • We help your online business grow.
  • We work to provide an environment conducive to ECommerce.
  • Our aim is to Build trust between online merchants and online consumers.

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