According to the OECD: An e-commerce transaction is the sale or purchase of goods or services, conducted over computer networks by methods specifically designed for the purpose of receiving or placing of orders. The goods or services are ordered by those methods, but the payment and the ultimate delivery of the goods or services do not have to be conducted online. An e-commerce transaction can be between enterprises, households, individuals, governments, and other public or private organisations (https://stats.oecd.org/glossary/detail.asp?ID=4721)
Online merchant refers to any natural, or juridical person, irrespective of whether privately or publicly owned, that directly sells, manufactures goods, or offers for sale, any goods and services, in the ordinary course of business over the internet, through a website, an online marketplace, a social media website or application or through other similar means.
  • Registering your business means being part of the formal economy
  • Creates new investments and job opportunities
  • Increase revenues for better delivery of public services
  • Benefits from legal and financial services offered by the national/local government
Here are the basic steps in registering your business, and essential documents you will need to start operating. Depending on your business you may need more permits, licenses or registrations.
  1. Register your Business Name through the DTI Business Name Registration System for sole proprietorships. For corporations, register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For cooperatives, register with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
    • For sole proprietors, please have your business names registered with the DTI, either online at bnrs.dti.gov.ph or you can visit any of the various DTI regional/Provincial offices and negosyo centers.
      • For walk-in/over-the-counter applications:
        • One (1) valid government-issued ID
        • One (1) duly accomplished application form
        • Authorization Letter, if filed by a representative and presentation of the authorized representative’s valid ID
      •  For online applications, a signed application form is no longer required since the accomplished online application is equivalent to the duly-accomplished physical application form.  The online application for BN registration is subject to the Terms and Conditions and by clicking the “I Agree” button, the applicant is deemed to have understood and accepted all such Terms and Conditions and Mandatory Undertakings.
      • For Corporations, the Requirements of the SEC are:
        • Cover sheet
        • Articles of Incorporation
        • Written consent from the nominee and alternate nominee
        • Other requirements if applicable
      • For Cooperatives, the requirements for CDA (4 copies each)
        • Economic Survey
        • Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws
        • Surety bond of accountable officers
        • Treasurer's Affidavit
        • Approved Cooperative Name Reservation Slip
        • Certificate of Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES)
  2. SSS (get SSS member number if single proprietor, or employer number if corporation/cooperative), PHILHEALTH, PAG IBIG, BIR (TIN)
  3. LGU / Mayor’s Permit - Obtain a business/mayor’s permit from your local government unit. Requirements will vary per LGU
    1. Standard requirements for LGU/Mayor’s permit
      • Accomplished Application form
      •  Proof of business registration, incorporation, or legal personality (i.e. DTI/ SEC/ Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) registration)
      • Basis for computing taxes, fees, and charges (e.g. business capitalization)
      • Proof of ownership of place of work
    2. After registering with your LGU you may need to register the following post-registration requirements of LGUs
      • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
      • Sanitary Permit
      • Occupancy Permit or Environmental Clearance (depending on LGU)
  4. Registering with BIR - All businesses are required to comply with Philippine tax obligations. 
    • Requirements for BIR Registration – Self-employed, Sole Proprietorships, Professionals, and Mixed Income individuals, 
      • BIR Form 1901
      • For sole proprietorships not regulated by PRC: valid government IDs, For professionals regulated by PRC: PRC license
      • BIR Printed Receipt/Invoice or Final and clear sample of own Principal Receipts Invoices
      • Additional Documents if Applicable: Special Power of Attorney for representatives, DTI Certificate, Work Visa for foreigners, Franchise Documents, Trust Agreement for trusts, Death Certificate for estate under judicial settlements, Certificate of Authority for BMBEs, Proof of Registration/Permit to Operate for BOI, PEZA, BCDA, TIEZA, SBMA etc.
    • Requirements for BIR Registration – Corporations/Partnerships
      • BIR Form 1903
      • SEC Certificate of Incorporation or License to Do Business in the Philippines
      • Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Partnership
      • BIR Printed Receipt/Invoice or Final and clear sample of own Principal Receipts Invoices
      • Additional Documents if Applicable: Board Resolution for representatives, Franchise Documents, Franchise Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement for Joint Ventures, Certificate of Authority for BMBEs, Proof of Registration/Permit to Operate for BOI, PEZA, BCDA, TIEZA, SBMA etc.
  5. Employee Benefits/Reporting - Make sure your employees will have the following: 
    • SSS 
    • Pag-Ibig 
    • Philhealth
  6. DOLE Registration - The Department of Labor and Employment monitors businesses if they are complying with the Labor Code of the Philippines. Any business that has a minimum of five employees is encouraged to apply for this registration. Any business that has 50 or more employees is required to register.
Issuing Agency/Office Nature of Business Permits/ Licenses Contact Details
BSP – Integrated Supervision Department
  • Banks And Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Pawnshops and Money Service Business (MSBs)
    • Remittance and Transfer Companies (RTCs)
    • Money Changers (MC)
    • Foreign Exchange Dealers (FXDs)
Certification of Registration or Authority to Operate Registration of Pawnshops: 8 708.7701 Local: 2595 / 2666 Registration of Foreign Exchange Dealers, Money Changers and Remittance Agents Trunkline No.: 8 708.7701
DA - Bureau of Animal Industry Animal Facilities: animal shelter/pound, slaughterhouse, kennel, laboratory animal production Registration for Animal Facility da.bai.ahwd@gmail.com / (02) 928-2836 / (02) 528 2240 local 1500- 1506
DA - Bureau of Animal Industry Transport of Animals Local Shipping Permit for Animal By-Products Accreditation of Animal Products and Animal By-Products Exporter Accreditation of Animal Products and Animal By-Products Importer Local Shipping Permit for Avian Local Shipping Permit for Cattle/Carabao Local Shipping Permit for Dogs and Cats Local Shipping Permit for Goats and Sheep Local Shipping Permit for Horse Accreditation of Live Animals Importer/Exporter Local Shipping Permit for Meat and Meat Products Local Shipping Permit for Table Eggs, Balut and Salted Eggs Local Shipping Permit for Wild Exotic and Other Pets da.bai.ahwd@gmail.com / (02) 928-2836 / (02) 528 2240 local 1500- 1506
DA - Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Fishing vessels, support vessels, fishing gear Commercial FIshing Vessel / Gear License International Fishing Permit Fish Workers ID card Foreign Fisherman's License Certificate of Eligibility Importation of Fishing Vessel info@bfar.da.gov.ph / +63(2)929-9597; 929-8074
DA - Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Fisheries and Fish/Aquatic Products Commercial Export Permit Gratutous Export Permit Permit to import
DA - Bureau of Plant Industry Plant, vegetable, seed and crop related businesses
  • Plant materials
  • Plant tissue
  • Trees
  • Plant nursery
  • Treatment, freezing, milling, transport and warehouse facilities
  • Export of fruites and vegetables
  • Crop growers
  • Distribution of seeds, planting materials and farm inputs
  • Other applicable businesses
Application for Plant Material Certification of Asexually Propagated Seedling Application for Plant Material Certification of Trees Application for Plant Nursery Accreditation Application for Plant Tissue Culture Facility Accreditation Issuance of Certificate of Analysis Application for License to Operate for Facilities (Treatment, Freezing, Milling, Transport and Warehouses) Application for Laboratory Accreditation Application for Laboratory Certificate of Analysis Application for PhilGap Certification Plant Pest Diagnosis Plant Identification and Certification Distribution and Sale of Vegetable Seeds and Planting Material Application for Crop Variety Registration Application for Plant Variety Protection Importers Registration Application for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Import Clearance (SPSIC) Application for Registration of Farm/Growers Application for License to Export of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Application for License to Operate - Quarantine Treatment Provider Application and Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance of Clearance for Domestic Transport Application for License to Operate of Packing Facility for Fruits and Vegetables Application for Issuance of Biosafety Permit for Direct Use as Food and Feed, or for Processing Application for Issuance of Biosafety Permit for Commercial Propagation Application for Issuance of Biosafety Permit for Field Trial Distribution of Quality Seeds, Planting,Materials, and other Farm inputs (Individual or Group) Provision of Technical Assistance Conduct of Training Soil Analysis for Bacterial Wilt and Potato Cyst Nematode Disease Indexing for Viruses of Potato, Citrus and Banana bpi.information@yahoo.com bpiad.regulatory@gmail.com (0917)715-5980
DENR - Forestry Management Bureau Timber on Private Land Private Land Timber Permit fmbdenr@mozcom.com / officeofthedirector.fmb@gmail.com / (632) 8927-4788 / Fax No. (632) 8928-9313
DENR - Mines and Geosciences Bureau Mining related businesses Mineral Product Sharing Agreement Financial or Technical Assistance Agreement Mineral Processing Permit Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit Exploration Permit central@mgb.gov.ph / (63-2) 9209120; (63-2) 9209136; Trunk Line No. (63-2) 6676700
DENR – Environmental Management Bureau Resource-extractive, infrastructure, processing, manufacturing and other related projects Environmental Compliance Certificate / Certificate of Non-Coverage ecac.emb@gmail.com / 376 5541 / 282 6783 Clearance and permitting division: 02-8931-2397
DENR – Environmental Management Bureau Air Quality Management Permits Permit to Operate / Certificate of Conformity ecac.emb@gmail.com / 376 5541 / 282 6783 Clearance and permitting division: 02-8931-2397
DENR – Environmental Management Bureau Hazardous Waste Management permit Importation Clearance ecac.emb@gmail.com / 376 5541 / 282 6783 Clearance and permitting division: 02-8931-2397
DENR – Environmental Management Bureau Water Quality Management Permit Waste Water Discharge Permit ecac.emb@gmail.com / 376 5541 / 282 6783 Clearance and permitting division: 02-8931-2397
DENR – Environmental Management Bureau Chemical Management Priority Chemical List Compliance Certificate Dealers and Retailers Resellers Registration Small Quantity Importation Ozone Depleting Substances and Alternative Chemicals Pre-manufacture and Pre-importation notification certificate Integrated Persistent Organic Pollutants Management Project Chemical Control Order ecac.emb@gmail.com / 376 5541 / 282 6783 Clearance and permitting division: 02-8931-2397
DENR – Environmental Management Bureau Environmental Laboratories Environmental Laboratory Recognition ecac.emb@gmail.com / 376 5541 / 282 6783 Clearance and permitting division: 02-8931-2397
DOE Energy Services Energy Services Companies Accreditation Main office: (632) 8479-2900
DOE - Electric Power Industry Management Bureau Generation of Electricity Certificate of Endorsement Main office: (632) 8479-2900 8840-2120 / 8808-9211
DOE - Oil industry Management Bureau Natural Gas sector Application for Permit for the Construction, Operation & Maintenance, Expansion, Extension and Modification of Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution of Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Pipeline Projects Application for Permit to Supply Natural Gas Application for Permit for the Construction, Operation & Maintenance, Expansion and Modification of Natural Gas Transmission- and/or Distribution-Related Facilities Application for Legislative Franchise rino.abad@doe.gov.ph / rodela.romero@doe.gov.ph / alvin.lim@doe.gov.ph / hideliza.ludovice@doe.gov.ph / laura.saguin@doe.gov.ph / alex.rayos@doe.gov.ph 8840-2114 / 8840-2130 / 8840-2095 / 840-2155 / 840-2184
DOLE – Bureau of Local Employment Domestic Employment Agencies (Manpower /Recruitment) License to Operate a Private Recruitment and Placement Agency 24/7 hotline: 1349
DOH - Bureau of Health Devices and Technology Water purification systems Registration for Water Purification Systems/Devices DOH CALL CENTER: (632) 8651-7800 local 5003-5004 / (632) 165-364 Mobile No (DOH Main Office): +63919-1601418 Email Address: callcenter@doh.gov.ph
DOH - Health Facilities and Services Regulatory Bureau Health Services and Facilities
  • Ambulance Service and Ambulance service provider
  • Ambulatory surgery clinic
  • Blood service facility
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Dental Laboratory
  • Dialysis
  • Drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation center
  • Drug testing laboratory
  • HIV testing laboratory
  • Hospital, Infirmary and birthing home
  • Human stem cell and cell based or cellular therapy facility
  • Kidney transplant unit
  • laboratory for drinking water analysis
  • medical facility for overseas workers and seafarers
  • newborn screening center
  • psychiatric care facility
License to Operate / Certificate of Accreditation / Authority to Operate 8651-7800 locals 2502, 2504, 2511 DOH CALL CENTER: (632) 8651-7800 local 5003-5004 / (632) 165-364 Mobile No (DOH Main Office): +63919-1601418 Email Address: callcenter@doh.gov.ph
DOST - Science and Technology Foundation Unit Science and Technology oriented foundations Certification for Science and Technology oriented Foundations Trunkline : (02) 837-2071 loc 2026 (02) 837-2922 stfu.dostco@gmail.com
DOST - Philippine Nuclear Research Institute Nuclear/Atomic Energy, Radioactive Materials Radioactive Material License nrd@pnri.dost.gov.ph / (632) 8920-8796 or (632) 8929-6012 loc.213 or 244 Fax No: (632) 8920-8796
DOT - (NCR) - Tourism Regulation Division and Accreditation Unit Tourism enterprise
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Accomodations
  • Tourist inn
  • Pension house
  • motel
  • Homestay
  • Travel and tour agency (operators, agencies, online agencies)
  • Tourist transport operator (air, land, water)
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions
  • EcoTourism (ecoguide, ecolodge, ecotour facility, ecotour operator)
  • Tour guide
Accreditation is voluntary for the ff:
  • Health and Wellness (Ambulatory clinic, spa, medical concierge, tertiary hospital)
  • Agri tourism site/farm
  • department store/mall/specialty store
  • galleries
  • museums
  • restaurants
  • tourism entertainment complex
  • tourism recreational facility
  • tourism training centers
  • rest areas
  • tourism trainers
DOT Accreditation vvpaje@tourism.gov.ph
DTI-FTEB Sea Freight Forwarder Accreditation for Sea Freight Forwarders FTEB@dti.gov.ph / fteb_blad@dti.gov.ph / (+632) 8811.8231 / (+632) 7215.1165>
DTI - Bureau of Philippine Standards Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and/or Safety Certification Mark Licensing Scheme Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Certification bps@dti.gov.ph / (632) 7 751.4706
FDA – Center for Food Regulation and Research Food Products Certificate of Product Registration 857-1900 (Telephone System currently being upgraded)
FDA - Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research (CCRR) Toy manufacturing/Dealer/Importation License to Operate (manufacturers, importers, distributors of toys), Clearance for Conditional Release, and Clearance for Customs Release for toys, Certificate of Conformity 857-1900 (Telephone System currently being upgraded)
FDA Drugs / Pharmaceuticals/ medical devices / cosmetics / processed food / toys / child care articles / veterinary products / household / urban pesticides License to Operate (LTO) Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) 857-1900 (Telephone System currently being upgraded)
Games and Amusement Board Esports Esports athlete license (+632) 840 0274 & (+632) 813 7109
LTFRB Land transport operators, TNVS operators Franchise / Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) Trunk line: 8529-7111 SMS hotline: 09214487777 ncr.ltfrb@gmail.com
LTFRB Advertising on transport vehicles Transit Advertising Permit Trunk line: 8529-7111SMS hotline: 09214487777 ncr.ltfrb@gmail.com
NFA Food-production related enterprises, mainly rice and grain License for Retailing/ Wholesaling/ Retailing & Wholesaling Combined License - Milling License - Warehousing License - Threshing License - Corn Shelling License - Manufacturing License - Importing/Exporting/Indenting License - Grains Packaging License - Mechanical Drying Registration - Transporting Registration - Poultry/Hog Raising Institution Registration - Post Production Equipment Text line: 0906-436-3133 Industry Services Department 929-7319 / 920-9605 Public Affairs Department 455-2758 Grains Marketing Operations Department 981-3800 local 1208 Office of the Deputy Administrator for Operations 929-7319 / 926-7237 Administrator’s Office/ Office of the OIC 929-7319 / 926-7237
Optical Media Board – Registry and Licensing Division Optical Media Business
  • Optical media (film products, music products, games/applications software, business sofware, book on disc)
  • Manufacturing equipment (replicating equiment/metallizing/downstream), printing equipment
  • Manufacturing Materials (optical grade polycarboante, adhesives,lackquers chemicals, paints ink
Registration for Optical Media Business / Import-Export Permit info@omb.gov.ph / (02) 7905-1678
PAGCOR Casinos, traditional and electronic bingo parlors, and poker rooms License to Operate/Authority to Operate / Gaming employment license info@pagcor.ph / +632 7755-3199 | 7755-3299 | 7755-3899
PAGCOR Electronic gaming sites Accreditation for Electronic Gaming System Service Provider Accreditation for Data/Content Streaming Provider for Electronic Gaming Sites Permit to Posess Gaming Equipment and Gaming Paraphernalia for Data/Content Streaming Provider for Electronic Gaming Sites info@pagcor.ph / +632 7755-3199 | 7755-3299 | 7755-3899
PAGCOR Suppliers of gaming paraphernalia Permit to Posess Gaming Equipment and Gaming Paraphernalia Permit to Hold Gaming Equipment and Gaming Paraphernalia info@pagcor.ph / +632 7755-3199 | 7755-3299 | 7755-3899
PAGCOR Sports betting Accreditation of a Service Provider for Sports Betting System with Bookmaking info@pagcor.ph / +632 7755-3199 | 7755-3299 | 7755-3899
PAGCOR Offshore gaming / POGO Offshore Gaming employment license Offshore gaming license info@pagcor.ph / +632 7755-3199 | 7755-3299 | 7755-3899
PCSO Small Town Lottery Permit to Operate NCR: ncr_odmpcso@yahoo.com
Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board Contractors/Subcontractors Contractor’s License ciappcab.main@gmail.com / pcab@dti.gov.ph / (+632) 895.4220 , 09178482427
Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority Philippine Fiber products License for Grading-Baling establishments, Buying Station, Trader-Exporter, Local Trader, Processor License for FIber Classifiers oed@philfida.da.gov.ph / (632) 273 2474 Local 2650 / 2651
PNP - Firearms and Explosives Office Firecrackers and Pyrotechnics License for Firecracker and Pyrotechnics manufacturer emdfeocsg@gmail.com / 723-0401 loc 4268 / 4498
POEA – Licensing and Regulation Office Overseas Employment Agencies (Manpower /Recruitment) License for Recruitment Agency 722-1191 / 726-3265
TESDA - Certification Office Technical Vocational Institute Program Registration and Accreditation for TVIs contactcenter@tesda.gov.ph Hotline: (02) 888-5641 Text Only) 0917-4794370 (Globe)
No. The FDA does not allow online selling of medicines. Kindly see FDA Memorandum Circular No.2020-10 for full details
Onboard with some of the most popular platforms. You may find the links to their respective seller center pages here:
Or, you may try using marketplaces such as Carousell and Facebook Marketplace. For more advanced mediums, you can try creating your own website. Learn more via Union Bank GlobalLinker, Wunderman Thompson, Google MyBusiness or Globe MyBusiness for website / visibility / marketing and analytics related concerns.
Secure a bank account first and apply for an online payment platform account. 
    • Take advantage of the widely used e-wallets: GCash, Paymaya 
    • Set up an online/mobile banking account with your bank of preference, most commercial banks like BDO, BPI, UnionBank etc offer mobile and online services
    • Try some of these payment gateways: Bux, Paylink
Choose between on-demand delivery platforms or traditional couriers. 
 For concerns related to intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights, you may get in touch with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. You will find the contact numbers of their various offices in this link
As part of the streamlining program of the BIR, BIR has removed the Mayor's Permit as one of the requirements in registering business.  You may refer to Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 57-2020 for the documentary requirements in registering new business. 
Yes once you have your DTI Certificate of Registration, you may proceed to BIR for the registration of your business.
Yes. Pursuant to BIR Revenue Memorandum Circular 60-2020, persons conducting business through any forms of electronic media, whether you are a seller, merchant, payment gateway, delivery service, or internet service provider, your enterprise should be tax compliant. You may find a list of all BIR RMCs here
You may see the regulations needed to register a business above, however for BIR, a checklist of documentary requirements can be found in BIR Revenue Memorandum Circular 57-2020. You may find a list of all BIR RMCs here
For domestic online sellers, your obligations are the following:
  • You need to register with BIR
  • You must issue invoices, receipts for any sale or receipt of payment
  • Record transactions in books of account
  • File tax returns and pay taxes and submit applicable reportorial requirements
Online sellers are subject to the following:
  • Income Tax
  • Percentage Tax, if gross sales/receipts for 12 months is 3 million or below (VAT if it is above 3 million)
  • Withholding tax on compensation if you have employees
  • Withholding tax on expanded tax (there are specific expense items subject to expanded Withholding tax)
  1. Know your Niche. Don’t be everything to everyone. Stick to your area of expertise.
  2. Test your idea. Create an online store with an ePayment arm and fulfillment process.
  3. Get social! Create a social media page. It is a great way to get word-of-mouth momentum.
  4. Understanding the power of online advertising: Make your AUDIENCE VERY SPECIFIC, from interests to purchasing behavior to location.


  • A: The Right to Basic Needs. The right that guarantees survival, adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and sanitation. You may look forward to the availability of basic and prime commodities to consumers at affordable prices and of good quality.
  • The Right to Safety. The right to be protected against the marketing of goods or the provision of services that are hazardous to health and life. You may look forward to (1) manufacturers of consumer products to undertake extensive safety and performance testing before selling their products in the market, and (2) labels which contain the proper information as regards the product, its use and how to operate it, if the need arises, and also precautions or warning signs.
  • The Right to Information. The right to be protected against fraudulent/dishonest or misleading advertising/labelling/promotion and the right to be given the facts and information needed to make an informed choice. You may look forward to complete information about the product to be purchased, including its use, ingredients/chemical contents, precautions, if any, limitations and expiry date.
  • The Right to Choose. The right to choose products at competitive prices with an assurance of satisfactory quality. You may look forward to a wide array of goods and services which are offered in the market with diverse brands, sizes, shapes and colors with differences in the price, quality and use.
  • The Right to Representation. The right to express consumer interests in the making and execution of government policies. You may look forward to legislators would propose laws that would ensure that consumers have the chance to live a better life by getting the best value for their hard-earned peso.
  • The Right to Redress. The right to be compensated for misrepresentation, shoddy goods or unsatisfactory services. You may look forward to manufacturers/storeowners would replace defective goods pursuant to the provision “No Return, No Exchange” provided in the DTI’s Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 7349, otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines.
  • The Right to Consumer Education. The right to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be an informed consumer. You may look forward to:
    • The three sectors of society: business, government and consumer would embark on an information campaign through tri-media on consumer related issues.
    • A series of seminars, conferences, fora, training, and public hearings for the welfare of the consumers.
    • Consumer education being integrated in the school curriculum from elementary to secondary levels as mandated by R.A. 7394 also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines.
  • The Right to a Healthy Environment. The right to live and work in an environment which is neither threatening nor dangerous, and which permits a life of dignity and well-being. You may look forward to (1) the government exerting an iron hand regarding the alarming increase in the degradation of the environment, especially forests, dying wildlife, depleted land fill space and environmental contamination to prevent further damage; and (2) constant monitoring of our seas, coral reefs, forest, and waste disposal practices of factories to check if there is a violation of the laws on environmental protection.
To file a consumer complaint against an online seller, you may send your complaints to the DTI Fair-Trade Enforcement Bureau at fteb@dti.gov.ph. Kindly also CC eco@dti.gov.ph when you send your complaint.
Yes, the DTI Fair-Trade Enforcement Bureau accommodates complaints for online and offline businesses. Contact them at fteb@dti.gov.ph
An online seller should have:
    • An office address / location
    • Contact information
    • Secure payment options
    • Return and exchange policy
    • Other relevant information
    • If transacting with an individual, ask for proof of identity preferably a government ID for validation
Here are some tips for safe online shopping 
  • Only buy from verified sellers!
  • Check for reviews. If a shop has bad reviews or no reviews at all, avoid buying from them.
  • Ask for actual item pictures if possible. You can also ask for pictures of the item/parcel before getting it shipped out.
  • If you are unsure of a store’s credibility but want to buy from them, opt for Cash-on-Delivery as payment mode if possible.
  • Check an online shop/platform’s returns, cancellation and refund policy before making any purchases.
  • Refrain from giving confidential information to sellers such as your MPIN, reference numbers and log-in credentials.
  • Pay with BSP accredited EMIs (e-money issuers) / payment platforms only.
  • Get in touch with authorities immediately for fraudulent cases.