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e-Commerce Roadmap 2022

  1. e-Commerce starts with the selling of goods over the internet. Moreover, it is about building and using the power of NETWORKS, through technology and the internet.

  2. The Philippine economy and the Filipinos are geared for economic global leadership, especially in e-Commerce, due to our large, young, and still growing population that are technology-savvy and use the internet the heaviest.

  3. Desires and pains of businesses in the Philippines:
    • In general: Access to finance (especially supply chain finance), value chain/supply chain technology and infrastructure, facilitation on access to markets
    • e-Commerce: Detailed checklist on how to start and operate an online business, financial support for technologies, faster and more affordable internet speed, online government service.

  4. We have only just begun. The regions are on a growth momentum despite many challenges. COVID-19 disrupted traditional business models and rearranged economic structures, forcing faster and bigger adoption of e-Commerce. Emerging e-Commerce businesses were also accelerated during the pandemic, such as Edtech and Healthtech, and they are expected to continue growing post-pandemic.

  5. In the future, everything is e-commerce. E-commerce should be easy-commerce, or MADALI which stands for Market Access DigitAlization, and Logistics Integration (MADALI). With all the available resources, partners, enablers, and government efforts, the required transformation is “MADALI”. With strategies and agenda, under the pillars of SPEED, SECURITY, and STRUCTURE, SALES should be MADALI.

“Basta e-Commerce, MADALI.”