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Where Everything Should Be Fast, Convenient, and Simple, or MADALI.

Filipinos have always embraced information technology to be part of their destiny. Despite the challenges we face in infrastructure and adoption, we still have actively participated in the growth and evolution of the technology, its platforms, and economy. However, we have not unlocked our full potential, our abilities, talents, and imaginations… just yet.

The Philippines has always boasted of a large, young, and growing population as the driving force of its economic growth and resilience. Our people have been our number one resource and has proven to be also valuable in the global economic landscape in the decades to come. With our human resources, combined with the fast evolution of technology and the internet, we are, therefore primed for an e-commerce revolution.

We have set our eyes on future-proofing our economy by enabling ourselves to be ready to participate in e-commerce more actively. With the establishment of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and the expansion of the E-commerce Office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and the cooperation of other government agencies and stakeholders, the Philippines is gearing up to go fully online, embracing e-commerce as a core part of our everyday lives.

The pandemic only has sped up the process for us. With the DTI blazing the trail, our government has plotted out our flight path, our roadmap to fully embracing e-commerce. This document lays down the framework and building blocks for this future to happen. We have summarized the roadmap in one Filipino word, “madali”. The word has three meanings that capture the vision of Filipinos about our e-commerce: easy, simple, and fast.

To make this happen, we as a nation must strengthen ourselves and build our capacities in three aspects: Speed, Security, and Structure. A set of strategies must be set in place so that the entire experience of e-commerce is fast, from accessing the internet to delivery of goods and services; that the transactions are secure, safe, and built on trust between buyers and sellers; and that our government can support all of these because it is future-ready and in close collaboration with the private sector thriving in the digital landscape, powered by people highly skilled as required by the Industry 4.0. All these should result in soaring sales performance that should benefit our Filipino businesses and will delight our cross-border trade partners as well.

This roadmap boldly claims that our vision of e-commerce in the Philippines will become synonymous with easy commerce. By preparing our infrastructure, institutions, systems, and people to fully embrace an economy that operates in the digital universe, we will be able to achieve this. Our mantra is to keep things “MADALI”, which also stands for Market Access, Digitalization, and Logistics Integration. In concrete terms, we aim to provide our people with easy access to markets through seamless logistics using the power of the internet and information technology. E-commerce will not anymore remain a pipe dream. We are on our way to make it part of our daily lives.