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Strategy Map

Through focus group discussions with stakeholders that form part of digital platforms, logistics networks, and payment providers, suggestions for e-Commerce strategies were gathered and scored based on importance, urgency, and suggestion frequency. Commonly cited focus areas include (1) improvement in ease of doing business, primarily through the digitization of government services, (2) market education, and (3) policy reforms.

From these inputs, this roadmap’s strategic governance framework was created, forming 12 core processes and 3 organizational initiatives. Under these are 22 agenda items to be fulfilled by 2022.

e-Commerce Narrative

What do we hope to achieve? More online sellers, selling either in the domestic and/or foreign markets (Cross-border trade). Whether business to consumer, business to business, business to government, the e-Commerce roadmap works to increase your sales, protect your company, and ultimately, grow your business.

How? The formula is simple: Ensure speed. Enhance security. Establish structure. To Expand sales.