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e-Commerce Narrative

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e-Commerce Narrative

What do we hope to achieve? More online sellers, selling either in the domestic and/or foreign markets (Cross-border trade). Whether business to consumer, business to business, business to government, the e-Commerce roadmap works to increase your sales, protect your company, and ultimately, grow your business.

How? The formula is simple: Ensure speed. Enhance security. Establish structure. To Expand sales.

SPEED IS CRITICAL. Government, primarily through the DICT will endeavor to achieve faster internet speed for the country. Speed of internet also means speed in everyday life. It means faster government services, easier onboarding for online merchants on any e-Commerce platform, faster online transactions and digital payments, and delivered via an integrated and efficient logistics system.

SECURITY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Primordial in the roadmap is the mission to build trust in e-commerce. Digital lives of online consumers must be preserved and protected. Methods of redress must be available and easy. The infographic reflects a cloak that SECURITY provides to safeguard the e-Commerce ecosystem against attack on data privacy, intellectual property, and risks of cybercrime and fraud.

STRUCTURE IS FOUNDATIONAL. The e-Commerce roadmap promotes digital transformation across the society. The public sector must automate, private sector must innovate, and Filipinos must evolve either through upskilling (acquiring new skills to improve current performance) or reskilling (new skills for new job). With the increasing importance of data and data analytics, data infrastructure must be built and the country’s statistical framework must be updated.